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About A&D Coin

Hi my name is Rick Yadon, I have been a coin collector since age 10 or 11, learning much from my father who was also a life-long coin collector. My interest in numismatics was intensified in college since I was a history major, and coins are a part of history. My disposable income increased about 10 years ago and I was afforded the luxury of increasing my coin collection and again my interest in the hobby intensified.

While pondering my retirement from my career in Information Technology, I was also afforded the opportunity to turn my coin hobby into a post-retirement career as a coin dealer in Sacramento with an offer to purchase A & D Coin and Jewelry Exchange. I was initially apprehensive, since I was turning my hobby into a career. A and D owner, Nick Rapanos, had been in the coin business for over 19 years, and was selling the coin business to relocate elsewhere with his family.

The Birth Of Our Coin Shop

After much consideration, I decided to purchase A&D Coin and Jewelry Exchange and the transition has been an incredible experience.

I very much look forward to becoming a Sacramento coin dealer that is trusted, respected and valued throughout the Sacramento area. I bring much historical knowledge to the table, and like with technology which changes constantly, numismatics never stop changing as well. To better serve the numismatic hobby, coin dealers must constantly read, research, network and interface with other coin dealers and hobbyists alike and being well versed, I am eager to learn and share my ever expanding knowledge of coins and currency with all other interested coin enthusiasts.

I am also committed to helping people at all levels of numismatics; from the novice beginners on up to the seasoned veterans, by providing the best knowledge and services possible. My partner, John Degen and I work in tandem to make sure our coin shop is a warm and inviting place for all who visit us, providing a courteous, friendly and welcoming environment. At A&D, you will never feel rushed or obligated in any way to decide on any coin sale or purchase in our shop.

Our commitment is to build relationships and friendships, which to us, is much more important than simply buying and selling, and to make sure you leave our coin shop satisfied knowing that you’re appreciated and that you trust us.  Being coin dealers in Sacramento, we believe that if you are a satisfied customer, not only will you will be back again, but you’ll more than likely tell a friend as well. A true Win-Win-Win. 

So please stop by our coin shop during business hours, even if just to meet us and talk about your numismatic and jewelry interests.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to meeting you.

You can call us at:

The Honest, Fair & Friendly Coin Shop

1621 Fulton Ave Suite #24
Sacramento CA 95825
Open Tuesday – Saturday
10:30 am – 3:00 pm

Closed Sundays, Mondays & Holidays 

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