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Welcome to A&D Coin. We are a local coin shop and one of the only places that buys sterling silver in the Rancho Cordova area.

Our local shop has been established for over 35 years and we are committed to being the best place to sell sterling silver.

We buy sterling silver

People have been coming from Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Rosemont, Ramona, Foothill Farms, Polk, Orangevale, North Highlands, Antelope, Vineyard & Rancho Cordova to sell us their sterling silver since 1985.

Why? Because we have decades of knowledge, experience and expertise that can help you identify your sterling silver, assess the silver value for you and make you a fair offer to purchase.

We buy sterling pieces such as: sterling silver flatware, sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver place settings, sterling silver tea sets, sterling silver candlesticks, platters, salt and pepper shakers, and more, we buy it all.

Our mission is simple, we are committed to treating everyone who visits us like family! We are devoted to making your visit with us an enjoyable, fun and pleasant experience. With great customer service and honest answers, our hope is to create bonds with our customers that will last a lifetime.

See down below at the kinds of sterling silver items we buy and feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 916-487-5852

We Pay Cash for All Sterling Silver Patterns, Brands & Styles.

At A&D Coin we’ll make a fair offer and pay you cash on the spot for your sterling silver pieces. And, if you have a sterling silver collection to sell, we’ll make an offer to buy that too.

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AD-Coin Buys Sterling Silver Pieces

Sell Antique Sterling Silver

We are the leading local buyer of vintage sterling as well as antique sterling silver pieces in and around Rancho Cordova California.

The difference between antique sterling silver and vintage sterling silver is:

Antique sterling silver is generally 100 years or older, while vintage sterling is considered 50 years old or less.

Below is a list of vintage and antique sterling silver pieces we buy.

Antique/Vintage Silver Pieces We Buy

 Although sterling pieces are still being made today, most sterling silver people own in Rancho Cordova were manufactured in late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Many makers were bought out and the new companies began making silver plated items which we also buy. Our staff at A&D Coin has the knowledge, experience and Online resources to help you sort this out.

Sell Antique Sterling

Sterling Silver Bar Sets

Sterling Cork Screws

Sterling Silver Jiggers

Sterling Shot Holders

Sterling Cocktail Shakers

Sterling Decanters/Flasks

Sterling Tea Pots

Silver Tea Sets

Sterling Coffee Pots

Sterling Silver Creamers

Silver Sugar Bowls

Sterling Cups

Silver Cake Breaker

Silver Cheese Planer

Sliver Cheese Cutter

Silver Food Pusher

Sterling Spatulas

Sterling Strainers

Sterling Silver Platters

Sterling Punch Bowls

Sterling Gravy Boats

Sterling Candy Dishes

Sterling Napkin Rings

Sterling Silver Goblets

Silver Fluted Bowls

Sterling Fluted Vases

Sterling Candlesticks

Silver Candle Holders

Sterling Candelabras

Sterling Silver Ice Buckets

Sterling Belt Buckles

Sterling Silver Carving Set

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sterling Place Settings

Sterling Wine Coolers

Champagne Buckets

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Ornate Silver Pieces We Buy

Sterling Vinaigrettes

Silver Snuff Boxes

Sterling Card Cases

Sterling Cigarette Case

Sterling Compact Makeup Case

Silver Perfume Bottles

Sterling Candle Snuffer

Sterling Silver Sugar Nips

Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs

Sterling Silver Sugar Shell

Sterling Silver Sugar Sifters

Sterling Silver Salt Spoons

Sterling Silver Butter Pick

Hammered Sterling Silver

Great experience, friendly atmosphere, very helpful, wonderful service, and good deals. The owners are very passionate in giving customers the best experience possible. I have immensely enjoyed my time spent shopping at A&D that I've become a regular.
Richard N. - Sacramento, CA

Selling Sterling Silver Items

If you’re looking for a fair and honest offer when selling sterling in Rancho Cordova California, look no further. We’ll test each piece of sterling silver with you, weigh them and give you an estimate for how much your sterling silver is worth. Such as:

Sterling Silver Holloware

Sterling Silver Platters

Sterling Silver Place Settings

Weighted Sterling Silver Pieces

Sterling Silver Buyers

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How Can I Tell If My Pieces Are Sterling

For centuries, countless silversmiths and craftsmen from around the world that manufacture sterling silver items indicate the purity of the silver used in order to identify the silversmith, company and/or the purity of the pieces made. In order for us to purchase sterling silver flatware or serving pieces, the item must bear one of the following stamps on them. Simply check for the following stamps on your silver pieces.

Stamped Sterling

Sterling Silver




Is It Worth It To Sell Sterling Silver

The short answer, YES!

Sterling silver is made of 92.5% silver and the rest is made up of copper and other alloys. Because of this, unless a piece, brand or style is a collectible one, most sterling silver pieces will be purchased as silver scrap that will later be refined and repurposed into pure silver.

Selling Sterling Silver Items

The refining process isn’t cheap to do, but necessary in order to produce other much more needed components used today such as solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles. Or even pure silver bars.

So, though sterling silver is almost pure silver, due to the expensive refining process the buy rate for scrap sterling can be a bit less than that of pure 999 silver.

Sterling Silver Value

The value of sterling silver in and around Rancho Cordova really depends on the craftsmanship, maker and desirability of the piece.

To put it into perspective, if your piece isn’t a collectible piece; for a dinner fork (a little over an ounce of silver) you can expect to receive about $18 to $20 each compared to a one ounce silver bar valued at $25 to $26.

So yes… Sterling silver items can still be worth quite a bit of money, and are certainly worth selling.

How To Sell Sterling Silver

Due to the vast verity of makers, hallmarks, patterns, styles and purity levels; the best way to sell sterling silver is to bring it in to our shop and let us help evaluate it for you. It doesn’t take long and we walk you through each small step of the process, which is too… identify hallmarks & purity stamps, test it for purity, weigh each item and make an offer.

And then, pay you in cash or a check. Witch ever you prefer 😉

A&D Coin is top of the line when it comes to jewelry and coins! Both Rick and John are true experts and have been a pleasure to work with! 5 out of 5 stars. Great doing business with you
Ben A.
Sacramento, CA

Best Place To Sell Sterling Silver

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